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Brisbane Pediatric Nurse warmly welcomes you to our services. We are a dedicated team of highly experienced pediatric nurses, offering support to families across Brisbane and through Telehealth.

We provide a comprehensive range of pediatric nursing services, including child health, acute pediatric care, toilet training, and ECEI NDIS support.

About Us

Bek and Jodie have a passion for caring for children and babies, believing that with the right support and education, babies can grow up to be well-adjusted and happy children.

Together, Bek and Jodie bring over 30 years of paediatric nursing experience, with a decade of working closely as colleagues. Bek trained as a registered general nurse in New Zealand and has extensive experience as a paediatric nurse. She is also a certified lactation consultant. Jodie trained in England as a registered paediatric nurse and has extensive experience in paediatric and child health nursing. In addition, Jodie holds a diploma in counselling.

Both Bek and Jodie are certified immunisation nurses. 

We are dedicated to helping parents raise happy, healthy children and strive to see parents enjoying and delighting in their children’s growth and development.

Our Team

Rebekah Barclay

Rebekah Barclay

Clinical Nurse Consultant.

Bek trained as a registered general nurse in New Zealand, and has over 20 years experience as a paediatric nurse. Bek has also completed a lactation consultant course, Nurse immunisation qualification and a Graduated certificate in Paediatric Nursing. 

fully vaccinated
Jodie Moar

Jodie Moar

Clinical Nurse Consultant. 

Jodie trained in England as a registered paediatric nurse and has over 15 years experience. Jodie also has a certificate in neuropsychology, child psychology, a Diploma in counselling, Nurse immunisation qualification and currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Child Health.

Stephanie Rimmer

Steph has over 5 years lived experience of children with ASD, a qualification in support work, and first aid, and is currently enrolled with the Support Coordination Academy to become an ECEI support coordinator.


We first met Bek when our little girl was about 2 weeks old. At that time we were really struggling with adjusting to a new baby, something neither of us had any experience with, and I was having a lot of difficulty coming to terms with the shell shock of motherhood. 


Bek has been a lifesaver to us and our little girl. She has provided advice and assistance with sleeping, breastfeeding, the day to days of having a baby (which we knew nothing about), introducing solids, the list is endless. She really is a fountain of all knowledge and without her I do not know how we would have gotten through the first few months. 


The best thing of all though is watching how much our little girls face lights up when she sees Bek because she loves her so much (and probably because she knows how much Bek is responsible for helping her parents out when they knew nothing about babies). 



Bec from Brisbane Baby Nurse came to my house for a home visit. She answered all my questions and provided advice and encouragement. She has kept in contact with me since the appt to check in. I’m really happy with the service provided.
                                                                            Rachel. C.

Brisbane Baby Nurse has been our saving grace.

Bek and Jodie have vast knowledge and are always easily contactable for advice and information for both mums and dads.

Home visits have been very convenient, especially with a newborn.

Bek is always on time and never made our appointments rushed or feel pushed for time.

Our baby came home not breastfeeding after many failed attempts at the hospital with midwives and lactation specialists. Bek showed us a trick and got her to latch first time and we have been breastfeeding ever since.

We would highly recommend Bek and Jodie. Their service is invaluable.


                                                 Chris and Chantal. 

I took part in Nasogastric tube feeding training (Pump Training) with Rebekah Barclay. This was organised for us to become confident in helping with a child at the centre.

I found the training to be valuable and informative. The explanation of the procedure was thorough and Rebekah explained the procedure which catered to our understanding.

This type of training was hands on where she encouraged us to practice and offered assistance when needed. I felt confident in asking questions and her explanations were covered in easy to understand language.

The importance of each step was explained and follow up notes were explained also. Rebekah also provided follow up assistance for us when we required it. This support has been ongoing and I feel confident that if I have any questions or concerns they will be answered.

Thank you for the help and support.

                                                                                                                                                                     Kristina Ramsay

Lead Educator.

Sandgate Kids Nash Street 

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