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Support coordination and Case management Services
As part of our service's as Brisbane paediatric nurse we can provide much need support and advice for children and families who are registered under the NDIS, with our experience working in the health care industry and looking after children every day who have complex needs, we have a wide range of experience, of what is available to help support and care for these families and children.
We are currently not yet a registered NDIS service provider, which means that we are unable to work with families that are NDIS managed, we are only able to work with families that are self managed or fund manages at this time.

Lunch Break

Case management for children with disabilities.

We can co-ordinate and manage care of children under the NDIS support scheme,

  • Arranging meeting with all members of the multi -disciplinary team.

  • Develop and distribute support plans.

  • Work with families to find appropriate supports and resources.

  • Liaise with schools/kindys.

  • Liaise with Medical teams.


ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) Support Coordination

​We can act as Support coordinators for Children (under 7 years) who are registered with NDIS. 

  • Help coordinated support already in place.

  • Assist with finding new or additional supports.

  • Liaise with fund management teams

  • Source and supply consumables.

  • Support families with management of their budget and how to get the best results.

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