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Nursing Services

Our services are available for Children and babies from 6 weeks of age.  Each package includes a full assessment of the child's needs and discussion with the family about what they are wanting to achieve.

   We work with families who require support with everyday routine problems (such as toilet training)  to babies who are struggling to feed and need an NG tube at home, as well as families with children who have disabilities and require a little more intensive input and support ( such as continence issues, Gastrostomy feeding and case management.).


Daily Routines.

Help and support with setting up and maintaining daily routines

  • Routines for different ages.

  • Morning breakfast/school routine.

  • Playtime/nap time routine

  • Dinner time routine

  • Bedtime routine.   

  • Healthy habits including sleep, diet and technology.

  • Transitioning to daycare/kindy/school. 

Routines can be a way of teaching younger children healthy habits, like brushing their teeth or washing their hands after using the toilet.

This means that routines can be good for children’s health, can reduce stress, and lower stress is good for children’s immune systems.

Daily routines help set our body clocks too. For example, bedtime routines help children’s bodies ‘know’ when it’s time to sleep. This can be a big help when  Routines have lots of benefits.

Baby with Teddy Bear

Phone Consultation

30 min phone call with one of our registered nurse's to discuss issues.

Email summery of call.

Text follow up.

Full access to our members area of the website.

Happy Boy

Sleep issues.

Support and education to help children and families manage sleep issues 

  • Good bedtime routines.

  • Healthy sleeping habits

  • Moving bed time earlier/later.

  • Waking in the night.

  • Early risers.

  • Independent sleeping.

  • Day time naps.

Painting Eggs

Nasogastric Tube (NG) Feeding.

Education and information for parents and carers about the use and care of nasogastic tube in infants and children

  • Testing placement of tube.

  • Troubleshooting tube placement.

  • Taping tube.

  • Making and and administering feeds.

  • Troubleshooting feeds pumps.

Child in Air Yoga

PEG/Gastrostomy feeding.

Education and support for families and child who have a gastrostomy feeding device.

  • Using gastrostomy

  • Trouble shooting

  • Administering medication

  • Setting up and administering feeds

  • Troubleshooting feed pump.

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

MACE/Mitrofanoff support. 

  • Using Mitrofanoff/MACE

  • Trouble shooting

  • Maintenance

  • Support

Brisbane Paediatric Nurse

Education and Training for Day cares, support works and organisations.

  • One on one or group training

  • recourses and handouts

  • certificate of attendance

  • topics include

    • Diabetes and insulin injections​

    • Epilepsy and seizure management

    • Enteral feeding and equipment use.

    • Safe storage and feeding practices.

All Packages are price on application

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